What Does South West Silents Do?

South West Silents aims are to celebrate the history of cinema and share our passion for silent film with the wider cinema-going audience not only in the South West of England but in the United Kingdom entirely. Over the past 15 years the history of early cinema and the silent era has become more and more popular with general cinema going audiences. However, more needs to be done…

With expert knowledge of pre-sound cinema, several years’ experience programming silent film events in and around Bristol, with extensive contacts in both the global network of film archives as well as with several film accompanist, we aim to be the first and best point of contact for all matters involving silent cinema in the region.

More than not silent film screenings can still suffer from poor quality prints, sometimes with mismatched musical accompaniments, and more than often these treasures are shown at the wrong speed. Further to this venues are often cautious in programing films outside of the recognised canon (think Nosferatu, Metropolis, Cabinet of Doctor Caligari). With all of the above problems, viewers may struggle to understand the nature of a film as a whole, and the chance to celebrate a piece of cinematic history is lost.

South West Silents is building an audience for discovering brilliant silent films outside this restricted cadre, developing new and younger audiences for silent cinema, through screenings, educational programmes, and new restorations. We are developing a feeling for independent cinema, and a real passion for unique silent cinema.


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